A downloadable mod

An Iron Fist skin for crystal.  The best offense is defense ,build yourself a fort to fight of the mutants of the wastland. Bring the Emperors wrath upon your unworthy foes.

Complete with portrait. The skin was made by YellowAfterlifes autoskin mod.

Im open to other suggestions as to what to do next. It will propably be a Lucius skin for chicken. Any idea for fish?

Any feedback is welcomed. Thanks for the downloads.

Install instructions

Decompress it to the mods folder, load with "/load marine".


marine.rar 15 kB


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great looking, unfortunately i am a poor slav bastard who got no money so i play a pirate version, and have no idea how to install your mod, any help would be aprecciated.

You first have to  install Nuclear Throne Together https://yellowafterlife.itch.io/nuclear-throne-togetherhttps://bitbucket.org/YellowAfterlife/nuclearthronetogether/wiki/browse/ , and after you have done that there will be a  folder called "mods" in the games folder, you just have to extract my mod there. If you dont suceed write again, and i'll gladly help, and if you do succeed then i would appreciate your feedback of the mod. 

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Holy shit man, it works, i got how it is activated, i thought it replaces the skin permanently, but its just an option, A great one, olrayteh, as a SM fan id say put a weapon lil bit higher, it feels as if he shoots from a knee, and slightly change animation, when he faces the other way hide his facial part for example, and add a bit of a glow to his lences, and make it different marks, if possible for a change, and or add an ironhand for me, that would be amaising, yea the part with older mks i can consult if you wish and all, i know the lore pretty well! GREAT MOD!

You have to load the mod during the character selection screen, and then you will be able to select  the marine skin for crystal just like you can the B skin.

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i edited previous one, it works yea, but there are ways to make it better! My God Emprah, i already dream of GOLDEN throne, and all!

there was a funny character named Draigo from grey knights

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gK38QwAfz3Y he traveled warp just like our heroes do!

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Thanks brother. The problem is that you cant actually change the weapons position, only the characters, so I would have to make put him lower which would look really off. I'll se about the eyes, but it will be difficult, as they are only a few pixels. I also like the older models, but mark VII is the most common type, and I would need to make a different skin just for the other variants.
As for now I'm planning some other WH40k related skin, what do you think it should be? Few of the ideas I gathered are:
Lucius the Eternal skin for Chicken
Sister of Battle skin for Rouge
Psyker skin for Eyes

Robot - Techpriest since he can devour weapons to convert into ammo.

Eyes can also be a thousand sons marine, but do you want to make it diverse? Or some specific characters?